Fatty has to Eat: Papa John’s Double Cheeseburger Pizza!

Papa John’s released a new recipe in his Double Cheeseburger Pizza in time for the Super Bowl. The other night I went for it.


W5VuJbdSurprisingly, the pizza that arrived was very similar to the image of Papa John’s pizza (unlike Taco Bell’s Grilled Stuft Nacho).

WARNING: This pizza does not have a marinara sauce. The sauce is like a thousand island or the special sauce on a Big Mac. My taste buds were not able to distinguish the exact mixing of Mr. John’s latest masterpiece, but I am quite positive it has mayonnaise in the mix.

The pizza came with cheese, ground beef, pickles, and sliced chunks of roma tomatoes. The combination was pretty tasty. The pickles, while different, enhanced the burger flavor. Overall the pizza tasted good in all three of the key categories: fresh, reheated, and cold. My dog loved it, but come to think of it she eats all people food.

When I pulled apart my first slice, the tip of the cheese stuck with the other slices and grabbed it with a fork. The double sauce, I ordered, helped the toppings slide away from the crust. While it was a bit messy, I would order the extra sauce again.


The crust of the pizza was the standard Papa John’s white flour. It has that solid traditional american fast food pizza taste. And as always, you can pour on the garlic butter sauce all over your pizza.

Overall it was worth the $12. I ended up spending about $18 with tip, tax, and delivery fee.

Typically, I order extra sauce on all pizza’s from Papa John’s. When it arrived is when I learned it wasn’t marinara. When warm, it made it extra sloppy.

Red pepper flakes will give it some spice, but wing sauce will add that extra heat.

Nutrition info per slice (large pizza, 8 slices):
410 Calories (20% of a 2000 calorie diet)
22g Fat (34% daily value)
950mg Sodium (40% daily value)
13g Protein

Papa John’s Film:

Nick Manzione’s review from YouTube:

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  1. rbau05 says:

    that kind of looks like cat throw up

  2. Reodore-Thoosevelt says:

    Fuck mayo.

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